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Will is a hippie college student who finds himself in the middle of a battle between vampires and a group of warlocks called Sentries; but when he's bitten by a seductive vampire he's forced to come to terms with his new state of being…
This film cost about ninepence, which is abundantly clear from what you see on screen. Make no mistake - you&#39;re not going to get production values.<br/><br/>But you are going to get something which, from time to time, delivers a surprise and at least tries to be a bit different. The acting isn&#39;t great and the effects aren&#39;t very special, but it makes more of an effort than other films which do things strictly according to formula.<br/><br/>It suffers from starting off as a comedy and finishing seriously - an internal inconsistency which it never really recovers from.<br/><br/>But it&#39;s not fair to criticise it solely for being cheap tat - it can&#39;t help that, and it does at least try to be a bit more than that.
This is the equivalent to Turkey a la King. You know, what your mother used to scrap together from Thanksgiving leftovers using gravy, the parts of the turkey no one wanted to eat and some rice. Well, enough about my childhood.<br/><br/>Anyway, what you have here are some actors who used to be name actors doing throwaway scenes so the directors can put their names on the cover, making you think that this is a better film than it actually is, mixed in with the usual vampire movie clich├ęs.<br/><br/>What you have are some college kids who get mixed up in a fight between factions of vampires, and vampire hunters who have resisted the taste for blood, but are equally immortal. (No, I couldn&#39;t figure it out, either.) Lots of scenes with the head chick vampire trying to seduce the hero into the &quot;dark side&#39;.<br/><br/>Oh, yeah, and then there was the sound. It didn&#39;t sync up with the action, it seemed to be off by about a half second, so you see people keep talking after their lips have stopped moving. More annoying where the cutaways from the sex scenes. &quot;Hey, you aren&#39;t paying me enough to actually take my clothes off, buster. That&#39;ll cost you extra!&quot; You can imagine the lead actress saying before she goes back to her day-job as a stripper.<br/><br/>JoeB- watching bad movies so you don&#39;t have to.

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